Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Transparency, or the Elsewhere of Here...

Thresholds appear often in her work – as do walls, windows, doors, gardens, paths, colors (especially gold), and ‘transparency.’ ‘At the heart of the stone,’ she writes, ‘reposes transparency.’ […] An image involves holding one’s breath and being ‘without thickness,’ so as to squeeze into a sort of initiatory passageway. ‘In in-betweenness,’ she explains, ‘the world is real.’

~ Text from “Dwell in Slowness, Explore the Elsewhere of Here,” an essay on the poet Heather Dohollau

And a bird goes from here
To the invisible
Without breaking the thread
Of time’s trembling

A Prayer for things
Traversing transparent hands
With edge intact
And a curve so perfect
That the body hollows into breath

~ Poem fragments from Dohollau's "A Grave for W.B." and “Hercules Seghers”

~ Images from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of stereoscopic views at NYPL