Monday, May 21, 2007

Accumulator and Conductor....

“To find a kinship between image, sound and silence. To give them an air of being glad to be together, of having chosen their place. Milton: Silence was pleased.”

“Slow films in which everyone is galloping and gesticulating; swift films in which people hardly stir.”

“Image. Reflection and reflector, accumulator and conductor.”

“Silence, musical by an effect of resonance. The last syllable of the last word, or the last noise, like a held note.”

“To translate the invisible wind by the water it sculpts in passing.”

“Your film’s beauty will not be in the images but in the ineffable that they will disengage.”

“Your camera catches not only physical movements that are inapprehensible by pencil, brush or pen, but also certain states of soul recognizable by indices which it alone can reveal.”

“You illumine him and he illumines you. The light you receive from him is added to the light he receives from you.”


~ Text: From Robert Bresson's Notes on the Cinematographer