Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beneath the Ice, Spring Flowers...

from Snow Crystals by W.A. Bentley and W.J. Hunphreys, Dover Pres

"Recently I dreamed I flew over a round, fragile sheet of ice, as thin and transparent as a windowpane, and curving up and down like glassy waves. Beneath the ice, spring flowers were growing. As if raised up by a spirit, I floated back and forth and was pleased by the effortless motion. In the middle of the lake was a temple which turned out to be a tavern. I went in, ordered coffee and cakes, and ate and drank and afterward smoked a cigarette. When I left and resumed my exercise, the mirror broke and I sank into the depths, among the flowers, which admitted me with a friendly welcome. How nice it is that spring follows winter every time."


~ Images: William Bentley, Snowflakes

~ Text: "Winter" in Robert Walser: Selected Stories