Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Robbed Them of Words...

“it robbed them of words, this silence, almost of thoughts as well, and she remained sitting there as before, with her gaze toward the darkness of the foyer, and he remained standing there, leaning over her, staring down at the plaid of her silk lap, and unconsciously, seduced by the gentle silence, he began to rock her in the chair, very gently, very gently…”

“It was like the strange vegetation of the lake bottom, seen through milky ice. Break up the ice or pull what is dimly alive out into the light of words, and the same thing happens – what can now be seen and grasped is, in its clarity, no longer the gentle obscurity that it was.”


~ Text: Jens Peter Jacobsen, Marie Grubbe

~ Image: Josef Sudek, from Josek Sudek, Anna Farova, 1999